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59 national patents


Global logistics docking rate 80%



Warehouse management space 8000m2


"From no market to finding the market, from finding the market to serving the market, from serving the market to serving the society." In 1998, Jiang Linghui started a hard-working and dedicated entrepreneurial road from a 60-square-meter family workshop. After earning his first pot of gold in the field of copper pipe fittings and angle valves, he came to the north by a friend's introduction in 2000 and saw a sample of a water separator made in Korea for the first time.

At that time, there were very few domestic water separators, and they were all imported products made in Japan and South Korea. Not only were they expensive, but there were also cases of inconsistent specifications. Holding the belief of "being the Chinese's own water separator", Jiang Ling will devote all his energy to the development of the water separator market. Not only established the "Xinfan" brand in 2001, but also obtained the appearance patent of China's first water separator. If opportunity is the key to success, then hard work and dare to create are the foundation of Xinfan's success. After 20 years of hard work and innovation, Xinfan has become a modern company integrating the design, development and sales of copper water separators, temperature control valves, heating valves, water mixing systems and complete heating system solutions.


With the rapid development of science and technology, the company adopts international advanced Pro/ENGINEER professional design software for product design, uses high-efficiency precision processing machine tools, and has a strict and complete product management system; Xinfan brand products are well received by consumers. Respected, many large-scale key construction projects have selected Xinfan brand products.

With the development of the international market, Xinfan has repeatedly smashed the outside world's doubts about "Made in China", and always insists on putting product quality in the first place. Introducing advanced technology, continuously upgrading equipment, using high-precision machine tools to complete the process, and formulating a complete and strict inspection mechanism, and then obtaining ISO quality management system, CE, ROSH and other international certifications. Xinfan not only joined the geothermal engineering project of the Beijing Olympic Games, but also built the company into a "Taizhou Technology Center", "Zhejiang Floor Heating System R&D Center", "Zhejiang Famous Brand" and "National High-tech Enterprise".

Grasp the pulse of the market, open up an international perspective, and achieve sustainable development. With leading process design, manufacturing quality, independent innovation and development planning, Xinfan provides professional, reliable, green and energy-saving solutions for every family and project in the world. Create a comfortable and livable experience, improve people's quality of life, continue to innovate and make breakthroughs, and realize the supreme enjoyment of people, technology, and energy saving.

Xinfan has always been adhering to the core spirit of "one step at a time, pursuing endless", constantly breaking through the constraints, and realizing from processing and manufacturing to R&D center, from Yanji to Frankfurt, from 60 square meters to 40,000 square meters, from 500,000 to 200 million annual output value The advanced road of annual output value. Add more weight to intangible assets and add more to future development!

A Good Life Starts With Xin!

In the development of more than 20 years, Xinfan's footprint has spread all over Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries as well as some South American countries. Xinfan has used its strength to break the outside world's doubts about "Made in China" time and time again. Insist on putting product quality in the first place.

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