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A full set of medium-deep geothermal heating system schemes with independent intellectual property rights: Adopt a closed-circuit water circulation stratum heat exchange system, use renewable medium-deep geothermal heat to heat the building, no combustion, no exhaust gas emission; no groundwater is extracted, only the ground heat is transported to form Green cycle production of heat; no need for external public energy input pipe network, suitable for heating in any residential areas such as mountain villages, towns, etc.;

This system integrates a comprehensive water and floor heating system: intelligent heating, cooling, fresh air, water purification, lighting, home appliances, electric curtains, security, etc., providing civil and public customers with an overall comprehensive range of comfort, health, intelligence, and human wisdom Home solutions. Through smart device interconnection, manual touch screen, voice, APP remote control is realized

Smart home control system

Overview:Take the family residence as the platform, combine the networked intelligent control technology, and efficiently integrate the daily home systems such as electromechanical, lighting, heating, etc., to construct an efficient, flexible and humanized smart home automation solution.

Apartment boiler control system

Overview:The whole house wall-hung boiler heating system uses a pressure reducing valve and a filter at the front end, and the pressure reducing valve is adjusted to reduce the water pressure to 3bar, which can avoid excessive pressure of the system pipeline and water hammer damage...

Multi-energy two continuous supply, cooling and heating solutions

Overview:The multi-energy system adopts two continuous air energy supply, heating in winter, cooling in summer, using solar energy, wall-hung boiler heating heating and hot water supply, through the hydraulic balance module stratified pressure distribution different levels of temperature and flow requirements, reasonable and even heat Transported to each floor and each room needed for the radiator, towel rack, floor heating, heating equipment in domestic hot water...

Villa, large area wall-hung boiler hydraulic distribution, stratified partial pressure, heating, domestic hot water system solutions

Overview:The domestic hot water system for domestic heating using gas as energy is not only a domestic water heating system. It can not only provide heating in winter, but also provide domestic hot water, which is very comfortable and convenient.

Hotel heating and domestic hot water system solutions

Overview:The system can meet the all-round needs of the hotel's heating and domestic water.

Apartment wall-hung boiler radiator + floor heating heating system solution

Overview:Wall-hung boilers are used for heating, centralized intelligent control, and efficient management to meet various heating requirements. It is mainly used for heating and domestic hot water in villas, apartments and apartments...

Air energy heat pump dual supply cooling, heating + domestic hot water system solution

Overview:The air-energy heat pump secondary supply system, heating in winter and cooling in summer, is the best choice for floor heating in winter and fan-coil cooling in summer. It is the most energy-saving, most comfortable, safest and most environmentally friendly heating in the entire HVAC industry. ,refrigerating system...

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In the development of more than 20 years, Xinfan's footprint has spread all over Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries as well as some South American countries. Xinfan has used its strength to break the outside world's doubts about "Made in China" time and time again. Insist on putting product quality in the first place.

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