Chairman's introduction

       Jiang Linghui, born in 1973, was born in Qinggang Town, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, with a college degree. He is currently the chairman of Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., and also the vice president of Zhejiang Plumbing Valve Association and Yuhuan Young Entrepreneurs Association. , Vice President of Qinggang Chamber of Commerce in Yuhuan City. He was once named "2011-2018 Yuhuan City Emerging Entrepreneur", "Yuhuan City Elite Entrepreneur of 2013", "2007-2008 Yuhuan City Qinggang Town Outstanding Entrepreneur".

Integrity and law-abiding enterprises, pragmatic innovation to create a brand

       Walking into the office of Jiang Linghui, chairman of Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., you can see various trophies placed on desks and cabinets everywhere. These trophies not only represent honor, but also a testimony of Jiang Linghui's hard work. In 1998, riding the wave of reform and opening up, Jiang Linghui joined the HVAC industry and founded Yuhuan Xinfan Copper Co., Ltd. After years of concentrated operation, in November 2011, Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. was established. The company passed the quality management system in 2004, in line with the GB/T19001-2000idtls9001: 2000ISO9002 standard certification, passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification in 2010, and passed the European CE quality certification in 2012. Since the establishment of the enterprise in 1998, the company's technical team has devoted itself to researching high-performance technologies of HVAC intelligent control systems and other products, continuously improving and improving, obtaining a number of independent research and development technologies, and possessing 59 authorized patents.After President Xi Jinping put forward the goal of "China's carbon dioxide emissions will reach its peak by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060" in 2020, the company actively deployed, not only to improve the company's smart manufacturing level, but also to increase investment in scientific research. ,The company’s R&D and management teams closely focus on the cultural core of “healthy peers, carbon futures”, participate in the technical cooperation and exchanges of scientific research institutes such as China Jiliang University, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, and continuously introduce high-end products that meet the needs of the market. Improving product competitiveness provides a guarantee, while also ensuring the company's sustainable development; at the same time, in June 2019, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology approved our company’s application for energy-saving technology research and application in high-energy-consuming industries-buildings based on shallow geothermal energy As the undertaking unit of this project, our company has become a cooperative unit of Zhejiang University.This intelligent technology realizes the “visual” management of building energy by integrating building automation, central air-conditioning control and other systems, combining building energy consumption data, environmental data, and smart energy-saving algorithms. Through smart energy-saving algorithms, it combines equipment types and power consumption structures. Provide energy use optimization strategy suggestions for factors such as environmental and environmental factors, which can greatly reduce building energy consumption, improve building carbon emission reduction capabilities, and help the early achievement of the carbon neutral goal in the building sector.Xinfan has been adhering to the core spirit of "one step at a time, pursuing endless", constantly breaking through the constraints, and realizing that its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions from processing and manufacturing to R&D centers, from Yuhuan to Yanji to Frankfurt. Our company signed a memorandum with China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. to establish a China Industrial Park in Serbia; at the same time, our company is also a cooperative unit of China Energy Conservation Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., China Energy Construction Group and Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. From 60 square meters to 30,000 square meters, from 500,000 annual output value to 200 million annual output value, the "Xinfan" brand is one of the few well-known brands in the industry.     

       Jiang Linghui always adheres to the direction of socialist production and management, leads the development of the enterprise with party building, operates with integrity, operates in good faith, pays taxes in accordance with the law, and innovates with a high degree of social responsibility. For more than 20 years, Jiang Ling will work hard to build a five-constant air-conditioning floor heating system with his dedication and dedication to manufacturing in the HVAC industry. The brand of HVAC intelligent control system is its own responsibility, and it is fulfilling the mission and responsibility of Chinese enterprises in the new era to build a "community with a shared future for mankind". In recent years, the company has successively won "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Zhejiang Hidden Champion Cultivation Enterprise", "Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center", "Zhejiang Excellent Private Enterprise", "Zhejiang Famous Trademark", "Made in Zhejiang", "Advanced Unit for Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction", "Zhejiang AAA "Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise", "Zhejiang Trademark Brand Demonstration Enterprise", "Zhejiang Industrial New Product" ", the third batch of national-level specialization and new "little giant" enterprises, "CNAS National Laboratory", and many other honors.

Caring for the homeland and not forgetting the roots

       While the company is developing, Jiang Ling will not forget to give back to the society. As an entrepreneur, he always cares about his hometown and always does his best to help various public welfare undertakings in his hometown. It has repeatedly funded poor students and needy households, with a cumulative amount of more than 400,000 yuan. Every year when the Spring Festival approaches, Jiang Ling will visit the towns and villages to condolences to families in need, and send them holiday blessings and condolences; at the beginning of 2020, facing the severe situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Jiang Ling will always pay close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic in his hometown. Donated masks, sanitizers, disposable rubber gloves and other materials to contribute to the epidemic prevention work. On March 15th, Jiang Linghui saw Serbian President Vucic’s televised speech and sent a request to China, hoping to receive technical and material assistance from China, Jiang Linghui responded actively and contacted the Serbian Embassy in China on March 26 , Expressed the willingness to donate epidemic prevention materials. On April 2, a box of 50,000 disposable masks with warm slogans was donated by Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. to the Serbian government through the Serbian Embassy in China to help them overcome the difficulties. On February 15, 2021, Serbian President Vucic wrote an autograph in recognition of Jiang Linghui's tremendous contribution to strengthening the steel friendship between China and Serbia in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This donation is that Xinfan HVAC, as an internationally developing foreign trade enterprise, responds to the call of "building a community of human destiny" and interprets the mission and deeds of Chinese enterprises with active and pragmatic actions. At the same time, it also shows that Yuhuan Enterprise actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities in the countries where its overseas production bases are located, and works hand in hand with the Serbian people in times of crisis to overcome the difficulties.     

       Long sang passion, fist and heart. Speaking of these kind deeds, Jiang Linghui always said calmly: "Hometown is the place where I was born and nurtured. As an entrepreneur, I hope to repay the society with my true feelings and the villagers with my actions."

A Good Life Starts With Xin!

In the development of more than 20 years, Xinfan's footprint has spread all over Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries as well as some South American countries. Xinfan has used its strength to break the outside world's doubts about "Made in China" time and time again. Insist on putting product quality in the first place.

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