Gold brand Refined brand

China's first manufacturer of HVAC manifolds, focusing on the HVAC industry for twenty years of research and development, and precision products made in China are exported overseas.

Excellent scientific research:Perceive the pulse of Industry 4.0, focus on scientific research and development, attach importance to independent intellectual property rights, and improve the core competitiveness of the company. Strong and continuous technical support, the strength of domestic first-class scientific research laboratories, strict inspection standards, and complete inspection procedures and systems can ensure the absolute advantage of products in the HVAC industry and create quality.

High-quality raw materials:Raw materials are imported from Italy, with a long-term and stable supply relationship, and a strict inspection and supervision mechanism is implemented. Ensure the production rate, ensure the stability of the products, and fundamentally improve the high-end quality.

Excellent equipment:The industry is the first to introduce professional customized manufacturing equipment. In order to reach the international level, it has invested 20 million to continuously upgrade the equipment. Advanced and complete production equipment creates the hard power of the enterprise and casts excellent quality. There are many internal automatic production lines, a clear division of labor, and high-efficiency and accurate production equipment. In strict accordance with the product production process requirements, we create refined and perfect HVAC products.

Gold quality Three excellent quality

Advocating the ultimate design process, pursuing modern industrial aesthetics, realizing the functional beauty, technical beauty, technological beauty, and form beauty manufactured by Xinfan, and bringing users high-efficiency, humanized, and intelligent heating services and safety, comfort, and naturalness The heating experience.

Gold grade Aesthetic taste


With a professional sales elite team, we can provide you with customized, comprehensive and humanized overall heating solutions in pre-sales consultation, and answer questions about products, systems and other solutions.

Heart service Serve attentively, serve the world

Warehousing:The storage scale is huge, with 8000m2 of warehouse management space and more than 50 million inventory vacancies; complete storage equipment, equipped with new and comprehensive manual, motorized, and automatic assembly and delivery equipment; complete storage management, implementation of first-in-first-out inventory management methods, configuration Professional warehouse management talents ensure that the warehousing work is carried out in an orderly manner.

logistics:Realize the docking with major international logistics lines, covering 80% of the global logistics network, which can meet the convenient and fast response mechanism and meet the needs of customers for goods. Perfect warehousing and distribution realize a one-stop worry-free logistics system.

Sales:Every order will be strictly in accordance with the process. After you purchase Xinfan's products, we will provide 7X24 hours a dedicated docking service, and send you product system installation instructions anytime, anywhere.

When you purchase Xinfan products, you have already enjoyed the two-year warranty service provided by Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd. of China. If any non-human damage occurs during the use of the product, Xinfan will provide 24-hour responsive service and provide you with free replacement service anytime and anywhere.

Credibility Solid honor, world-renowned

Xinfan has always adhered to "looking at the market with a forward-looking vision, breakthrough development with an innovative spirit", strictly implementing international quality and environmental management system standards, using advanced management systems in the industry, and committed to creating comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly HVAC for consumers product.

With novel design, precise manufacturing and excellent quality, we have been recognized by many certification bodies from all over the world, which benefited from our attention to quality throughout the production cycle.

Heart partner Real partners, global heating

Xinfan's advanced and energy-saving heating system can not only be used in many private homes, but also in many major projects, which can reduce energy consumption and heat loss. Heating equipment with energy saving, low pollution and safety performance can meet the needs of various family residences and large shopping malls.

As Xinfan with more than 20 years of experience in HVAC R&D and production, with in-depth insights into the heating needs of homes and public areas, it participated in 2008 with excellent products, customized system solutions, complete services and good reputation. The heating equipment for the basketball stadiums of the Beijing Olympic Games is customized. At the same time, it cooperates with many domestic and foreign real estate companies such as Vanke, Evergrande and Wanda to provide the highest quality and most professional products and technical services.

A Good Life Starts With Xin!

In the development of more than 20 years, Xinfan's footprint has spread all over Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries as well as some South American countries. Xinfan has used its strength to break the outside world's doubts about "Made in China" time and time again. Insist on putting product quality in the first place.

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