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Quality Integrity Report of Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

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Report date: June 2021


1. Foreword…………………………………………………………(1)

(1) Compilation instructions……………………………………………………(1)

(2) Message from the President……………………………………………………(1)

(3) Company profile…………………………………………………………(2)

2. Enterprise quality management……………………………………………………(3)

(1) Enterprise quality concept……………………………………………………(3)

(2) Quality management agency……………………………………………………(3)

(3) Quality management system……………………………………………………(4)

(4) Quality and integrity management……………………………………………………(6)

(5) Corporate culture construction……………………………………………………(10)

(6) Enterprise product standards……………………………………………………(12)

(7) Enterprise measurement level……………………………………………………(15)

(8) Certification and accreditation……………………………………………………(15)

(9) Commitment to product quality……………………………………………………(15)

(10) Handling of quality complaints……………………………………………………(16)

(11) Quality risk monitoring……………………………………………………(16)

3. Prospects……………………………………………………………………(17)

I. Introduction

(1) Compilation instructions

This report is the "Enterprise Quality Integrity Report" published for the first time by Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "Company"), which is based on the National Standard GB/T 29467-2012 of the People’s Republic of China The regulations of "Enterprise Quality Integrity Management Implementation Regulations" and GB/T 31870-2015 "Guidelines for Compiling Enterprise Quality Credit Reports" are compiled in conjunction with the company's 2020 quality and integrity system construction.

The company guarantees that the information contained in this report does not contain any false records or misleading statements in terms of quality management, product quality responsibility, quality integrity management and other aspects, systems, measures taken, and performance achieved. Responsibility for authenticity and accuracy.

Report organization scope: Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

Report release time: June 1, 2021

Report release cycle: 1 time/year

Report data description: The data involved in the report comes from the company, and the data is true and valid.

(2) Speech by the general manager

Dear government quality supervision department, friends and colleagues from all walks of life:

Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. sincerely appreciates the love, support and cooperation of users from all walks of life!

Our company has advanced production technology and equipment, and has established a strict quality control system.

The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "innovation for development, openness for goals", adheres to the core values of "people-oriented, peace-oriented, and the pursuit of mutual benefit between the company, employees, and society", and adheres to the core values of "morality first, honesty" With the mission of "being for the best, harmony for the precious", we continue to provide users with safe, environmentally friendly, rich and reliable high-quality products.

Since its establishment, the company has received the care and help of leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life, and has received valuable support from distribution agents and suppliers. Here, on behalf of all employees of the company, I would like to care and support the development of our company. All the leaders, friends from all walks of life and all new and old customers express their most sincere thanks!

(3) Company profile

Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. was established in September 2001. It is located in the industrial cluster area of Qinggang Town, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province, with a registered capital of 20.8 million. Systems and other heating equipment design, development, production and service professional manufacturers; it is also a comprehensive private enterprise with complete design, processing, and testing processes. It is the title sponsor of the 5th Warm Cube Floor Heating Construction Diary Competition.

The company mainly produces Xinfan brand products, including various medium and high-end water collectors, temperature control valves, ball valves, H valves, heating valves, heating accessories, and complete sets of floor heating equipment. The products are sold to countries all over the world, and domestic sales have also achieved great results. They have been well received by users. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, CE certification and other related certifications in the past ten years. In 2012, "Xinfan" was assessed as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise in 2013, and was rated as an advanced unit for energy saving and consumption reduction by the Yuhuan County Government in 2013; it was rated as an advanced unit for energy saving and consumption reduction in 2013, 2015, and 2016 Qinggang Top Ten Enterprises.

After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, Xinfan has become a modern professional factory integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. At the end of 2016, with the completion of the construction area of more than 25,000 square meters in Qinggang Yanye Village, we will continue to uphold the spirit of "one step at a time, the pursuit of endless", and we will continue to move forward steadily on the track of professionalization. , Bringing the best products and services to customers and consumers, we are willing to create a win-win market with our customers.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "Technology leads the future, innovation promotes development", the company continuously discovers and meets domestic and foreign needs to expand the market. Over the years, the company has won widespread trust from customers with high-quality products and good services, and has cultivated a group of A stable customer base has accumulated a good reputation in the industry and laid a good foundation for the company's annual sales performance. At the same time, the company is actively exploring new customers and has achieved certain results.

The company's management team has many years of industry experience, has keen insight and grasp of industry development trends, and has strong planning and execution capabilities to help the company continue to improve its overall operating capabilities. The company has established a relatively sound corporate governance structure and internal control system, which has effectively reduced the impact of abnormal personal factors on the company. In terms of internal business management, the company has established complete management documents, rules and regulations, safety production documents and production instructions. , To ensure that the development of various technological processes have rules to follow, realize the standardized production of the company's products, and continuously improve the quality of the company's products.

The company adheres to the brand culture of "creating wealth, warmth, diligence, innovation, and joy", always attaches importance to product quality management and control, and takes quality as the lifeline of the company. It has formulated a series of operating procedures and product standards, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO14001. System certification such as ISO450011 guarantees the reliable operation of product quality and management. The company continues to introduce internationally advanced production equipment, and its technological level is at the leading level among domestic counterparts. The company’s product quality and quality control are guided by international concepts, and it keeps in touch with equipment manufacturers to ensure the stable operation of equipment. Give full play to the role of advanced equipment and new technology.

"Advocating science and technology, pursuing excellence" company has a dedicated technical department to meet the development and verification of new products and technological innovation, and has established a "municipal high-tech research and development center". Improve and perfect the company's technical and technological level.

The company has set up an after-sales customer service department to be responsible for the after-sales service of products to ensure that customer opinions are effectively and properly handled, further improve customer satisfaction, and effectively eliminate product quality disputes.

The company actively improves the working environment, improves employee benefits, carries out humanistic care activities, "treats every employee well", and fulfills the social responsibility of "making first-class products, cultivating first-class talents, and creating first-class social benefits". All staff "step by step, pursue endless pursuit" and "create outstanding value for customers" work hard.

In the process of development, the company responds to the national call for energy conservation, environmental protection and technological innovation, and through continuous strengthening and deepening of cooperation with universities, with environmentally friendly mechanical connection technology, efficient production equipment technology and green building materials technology as the core, the company's scientific research, production and sales With the aid of professionalization process, a series of scientific research results have been achieved one after another.

2. Enterprise quality management

(1) Enterprise quality concept

At the beginning of its establishment, the company was committed to creating high-quality products and regarded product quality as an important cornerstone for the survival and development of the company. The company has successively passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS45001 management system certifications, and the product quality has reached the international leading level. Xinfan's professionalism, enthusiasm, and efficiency, emit a shining light, service star, make you more shining. Xinfan not only cares about product quality, but also care about product service. Customer needs, do everything possible, customer opinions, listen patiently, and tirelessly provide customers with personal services. Strictly implement the international quality management system, so that the quality of the company's products can be effectively guaranteed, so that the company's quality policy can be implemented smoothly. In order to fundamentally strengthen quality management and improve the company’s operating quality, the company takes the introduction of the excellent performance model as an opportunity to implement total quality management, through internal audits, self-evaluation, third-party audits or evaluations, and constantly looking for opportunities for improvement and continuous improvement. Ways to achieve outstanding performance. Since the establishment of the factory, the company has never had any major quality complaints. In the random inspections conducted by quality and technical departments at all levels over the years, the pass rate has reached 100%.

The company promotes corporate culture and quality concepts through meetings, publicity columns, corporate websites, and WeChat public accounts.

(2) Quality management agency

 The company follows the "Three Non-Principles" of quality management: it does not accept unqualified products, does not manufacture unqualified products, and does not flow out unqualified products. In line with the great emphasis on product quality, the company has established a quality person in charge system, formulated inspection standards for various materials, components, and products, and performed their duties, communicated and cooperated with each other, and strengthened the development, procurement, and production processes. Product quality control.


Figure 1: Organizational Chart of the Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System


(3) Quality management system

Since the introduction of the ISO9001 quality management system, the company has adopted the quality policy of "Keep improving, pursuing excellence, and striving for perfection", designing, developing, producing and selling processes and establishing a quality management system in accordance with GB/T 19001-2016 "Quality Management System Requirements". Quality manuals, procedure documents and other quality documents, etc., shall be implemented and maintained, and the effectiveness shall be continuously improved.

1. Quality management system policy and objectives

From introducing the ISO 9001 quality management system, insisting on the "safe and reliable, continuous improvement" of product quality, to introducing the excellent performance management model, and implementing total quality management, the company has established a strategy as the core and GB/T 19580 excellent performance model as the framework The integrated total quality management system meets the requirements of the six major stakeholders of customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, society and partners. Corresponding strategic planning and quality objectives have been established at all levels of the company, and the company’s performance is evaluated Relying on the system, we have established quality assessment KPI targets and quality accountability systems.

1.1 Quality policy:

Quality first, customer first

1.2 Understanding of quality policy:

a) It is emphasized that the quality requirements of products must be based on the requirements of customers and laws and regulations.

b) Emphasize that product quality is designed (including product design and process design) and manufactured after in-depth analysis of customer requirements and legal requirements, rather than inspection.

c) Emphasize the idea of system management, and ensure the quality of products through the identification and control of process factors.

d) Record and analyze the results of the process, find out the improvement direction, implement the improvement measures, and continuously improve the process performance.

1.3 Quality and Integrity Policy:

Quality is the eternal theme of an enterprise

2. Quality education

In the process of system operation, the company uses various scientific and effective methods to measure, analyze, and improve, and continuously improve based on the PDCA-based system method. The company uses a variety of tools to continuously improve the performance of all departments and levels, and adopts benchmarking and learning methods to continuously modify personal working ideas and methods to ensure that the overall goals of individuals and the company are achieved. The company actively communicates with external parties and invites experts to conduct special training for company employees in due course. The company regularly conducts quality education for employees at all levels and conducts special management of quality control points to ensure the consistency of product quality in the manufacturing process.

In order to firmly establish the integrity awareness of all employees, the company formulates this year's education and training plan at the beginning of each year. The person in charge of each department prepares education and training plans and content according to the company's requirements, and carefully organizes the education and training of their subordinates. Each workshop director is responsible for the integrity publicity and education of the team leader and employees. The company implements quality and integrity education for employees through various methods such as special training, written text posting or communication, experience exchange of advanced quality and integrity employees, and the use of pictures.

3. Quality regulations and responsibility system

By collecting laws and regulations and other standards and requirements, the company formulates internal relevant standards to make products meet the requirements of national laws and regulations and national and industry standards (some indicators exceed external requirements), and fulfill social responsibilities from the product technology. At the same time, the company has established annual quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management goals, clearly defined responsibilities for product quality control, and followed the principle of not letting go of quality accidents.

The company prepares compliance obligations identification and evaluation control procedures, actively identifies and collects laws, regulations, industry and product standards, and regularly evaluates regular compliance to meet the requirements and expectations of laws, regulations, and customers.

Table 1: Quality standards and other relevant laws complied by the company


The company has formulated "Unqualified Output Control Procedures" and "Non-conformity Correction and Continuous Improvement Control Procedures" to strictly control non-conforming products. All the company's products have been inspected online, and can flow into the next process or leave the factory only after being qualified. Any unqualified products have clear requirements for identification, recording, isolation and handling. All unqualified products must be re-inspected and qualified before they can enter the next process after they are reworked and repaired. The company has formulated "Internal Audit Procedures" and "Management Review Procedures", and cultivated an internal auditor team. In order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of system operation, internal audits, process audits and quality audits have been arranged. For the non-conformities found in the audit, the responsible department analyzes the reasons, formulates corrective or preventive measures, implements the rectification, and verifies the rectification effect, and finally forms an internal audit report, and makes recommendations on the system rectification and the prevention of non-conformities, and acts as a An important input for management review, reporting to top management.

At the same time, in accordance with the "Product and Service Requirements Determination and Review Procedure", "Product and Service Monitoring Measurement Control Procedure", etc., there are detailed records of all nonconformities, and after statistical analysis by a dedicated person, the responsible unit will follow "Non-compliance Correction and Continuous Improvement Control Procedures" formulate corrective and preventive measures and carry out rectification, and only after the corrective and preventive measures are evaluated that the corrective and preventive measures are effective can the problem item be closed.

In addition, the company has also formulated the "Management Manual", "Externally Provided Products and Services Control Procedures", "Human Resources Control Procedures", "Ability Awareness and Training Management Procedures" and other systems to account for and educate quality problems that arise , And emphasizes systematization in daily R&D and production operations. Through the implementation of quality control circle, continuous improvement and other activities and quality tools, the PDCA cycle is fully applied, continuous improvement, and excellence are pursued.

(4) Quality and Integrity Management

1. Quality Commitment

a) Integrity and compliance

Senior leaders follow the business philosophy of "cooperation is more important than competition" and strictly follow the "Company Law", "Economic Law", "Contract Law", "Product Quality Law", "Safety Production Law", "Environmental Protection Law", and "Labor Law" 》And the relevant laws and regulations of the machinery industry, strengthen the legal knowledge training of employees, cooperate with government departments to carry out legal education activities, encourage and commend employees' "positive energy", so that the integrity and law-abiding style can penetrate into the awareness and behavior of all employees of the company. The company’s active contract default rate was zero, never defaulted on bank loans, and overdue accounts receivable fell to a reasonable range. The company’s senior and middle-level leaders had no records of violations of laws and disciplines. The number of violations by employees was zero. Established a good image of credit ethics.

b) Meet customer needs

The company attaches great importance to technology research and development, strengthens the investment in research and development, focuses on customer needs, actively listens to customers’ opinions and suggestions on functions, quality, configuration, etc., and carries out product improvement and innovation activities to meet customers’ requirements for products and delivery need. In terms of product quality, the company strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system, and guarantees product quality and safety through technical research, quality improvement, and QC team activities.

2. Quality management

--product testing

(1) Tracking of product quality

① Perform evaluation during design and production to improve existing risks and defects;

② Test before delivery and record the test results;

③ Track customer feedback on product quality after delivery;

④ Carry out all-project inspections on products regularly;

⑤ Conduct product quality surveys in the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire.

(2) Tracking of service quality

① Register customer demand information, and conduct a return visit after the service to track the effectiveness of the service;

② Collect and analyze service quality information, and improve service quality;

③ Conduct a service quality survey in the customer satisfaction survey questionnaire.

--Quality traceability

The company organizes management review meetings every year to review the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management systems to achieve continuous improvement of the management system, to ensure the realization of the company's system policies and objectives, and to meet the requirements of related parties.

--Quality analysis

The company comprehensively collects, organizes and measures data and information on product quality through various channels such as statistical calibers, financial statements, and special meetings, analyzes the data and information, and formulates corresponding improvement measures.

3. Operation management

a) Product design integrity management

The company's product design and R&D strictly control the entire process related to R&D from R&D project establishment, process records of various activities, R&D process summary, management evaluation and control.

b) Integrity management of raw materials or parts procurement

According to the degree of risk of the material to the product quality, the enterprise divides the material into three categories: A, B, and C. For suppliers of Class A materials, in addition to meeting the statutory qualifications, they must also conduct regular on-site audits. For suppliers of Class B materials, the company must first conduct a risk analysis of the materials, and decide whether to conduct on-site audits based on the quality of the materials provided by the suppliers. For suppliers of Class C materials, generally only consider auditing their qualifications. After the enterprise conducts the qualification review and on-site review of the material supplier, the material supplier who agrees to purchase if it meets the requirements shall establish a quality file. The purchased raw materials shall be inspected in batches, and any raw materials that do not meet the prescribed standards shall not be put into storage for use.

In terms of equipment and parts procurement, strict review of the relevant qualifications of suppliers is carried out. When purchasing equipment and spare parts, all standard parts that can be used will be purchased and used; if special processing is required, the use effect must be fully verified to ensure that it meets our company's requirements. All equipment must undergo equipment verification before use to ensure that it meets the product process requirements.

c) Integrity management in the production process

The company's production technology department is specifically responsible for the production management and technical management of various varieties. Formulated and gradually improved various production management systems, work standards, post operating procedures and various process procedures, management procedures, and standard operating procedures. The use of centralized workshop training and comprehensive job skills training for operators of various positions before and after the shift, with a certificate, and use a variety of methods to conduct inspections and assessments, enhance employee quality awareness, and improve the level of operation. In the production process In the middle, management personnel at all levels strictly perform management duties, check in time, correct errors in time, and ensure the stability of production order.

Re-check the raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials required for production, ensure the quality of intermediate products and finished products, and strictly implement the "three non-principles" of "non-production, non-reception, and non-circulation" of unqualified products. The key is Set up quality control points in the process, supervise and urge employees to do self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection procedures, and strict management procedures for batch records, so as to achieve unified application, distribution and verification. Carry out material balance for each production step, ensure that the input of materials and the output quantity of products are consistent with the process requirements, and confirm that there are no potential quality hazards.

Production records are reviewed, printed and kept by the production department. The employees must fill in the production records in time as required to ensure that the handwriting is clear, the content is true, the data is complete, and the operator and the reviewer sign and confirm. After each batch of production, the workshop statistician summarizes and rechecks the records, and submits them to the production department in a timely manner. After verification, they are sorted and archived according to the batch number and managed by a dedicated person.

According to the characteristics and actual conditions of the industry, the company strengthens the level of informatization construction of the production process, implements systematic management of the entire production process of the company, and taps the internal potential, exerts the strength of technical backbone personnel, and carries out continuous transformation of existing equipment or technology Innovative work, technical research on weak links; production employees must undergo training and assessment before taking up their jobs, and establish a full-staff training file, through centralized training, pre-class meeting training, "pass, help, and lead", visualized and other methods Conduct training to strengthen their work skills and quality awareness. The production staff strictly abide by the workshop discipline.

The company implements a refined production organization model to shorten production and delivery cycles, quickly adapt to the fluctuations of market order varieties and quantities, meet customer needs on the basis of reduced inventory, and meet customers' comprehensive understanding of escalator product performance and product quality With the further recognition of the company, the ordering rate has also increased, and the problem of after-sales quality has been solved to a large extent, reducing the workload of after-sales service staff, and making the after-sales service work arrangement more flexible.

4. Marketing management

The company segmented the market according to strategic requirements to improve the effectiveness and pertinence of resources and operations. Determine customer needs and expectations for different types of customers, determine appropriate methods for their needs and expectations, establish corresponding systems and teams, establish various channels and methods, and conduct targeted understanding of customer needs and expectations.

The company uses exhibitions, industry conferences, industry standards committees, public media, the Internet, external agencies and other channels to understand the needs and expectations of customers through questionnaire surveys, face-to-face or telephone interviews, observation inquiries, and external commissions.

Each department of the company regularly collects customer information. After analysis, the customer demand information determined is sorted and summarized according to different market segments, forming a database of the needs and expectations of different customer groups, and summarizing the characteristics of the overall demand for different market segments. Summarized information for reference in decision-making such as product planning, product development and design, and process control.

The company's core values are "people-oriented, harmony as the most valuable, and the pursuit of mutual benefit between the company, employees, and society". It requires business personnel to be enthusiastic, thoughtful, and considerate to any customer, regardless of whether he places an order or not. We must try our best to meet all their reasonable needs, increase the skills and quality of business personnel from all aspects, and improve the customer transaction rate.

The company establishes a customer return visit system, takes the form of voluntary customers, records customer contact numbers, order time and other related information, and conducts telephone return visits after customers purchase for a period of time (usually within one year) to improve customer satisfaction.

The company has established a rapid response mechanism for timely feedback and handling of user complaints. In principle, the response time for complaints/emergency handling should not exceed one day, and timely response measures will be taken for unpredictable changes.


(5) Corporate culture construction

1. Vision, mission, values

Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., as a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of HVAC products, has become a well-known brand in the industry after years of development.

Table 2: The company's quality concept


① Mission: Committed to creating comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly HVAC products for consumers. Under the new situation, only continuous innovation and creation of products with self-intellectual property rights can become the engine for the continuous development of the enterprise.

② Vision: To create a world Xin channel. With the obvious advantages of products with independent intellectual property rights, only through the overall layout and rapid occupation of the market can the product and the company's brand be recognized and affirmed.

③ Core values: Facing customers with sincere service, facing competition, respect and calmness, facing development breakthroughs and innovations, facing adversity and never giving up, facing market outlook. Talents are the foundation of enterprise development. Only by creating a harmonious, competitive and hard-working internal environment with talents as the core can the enterprise, employees and society coexist harmoniously and achieve a win-win situation.

2. Brand building situation

Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. has won the market reputation for its product quality, and has a good brand image in the industry. Its product reputation has a high reputation in the industry. Its products and services have been recognized by users. In the past three years, customer satisfaction has been Upward trend. The company’s customer and market performance results, including customer satisfaction, indicate that Xinfan is at a relatively high level.

The company continues to grow its "precise, specialized, and new" R&D team, and continuously improves the technical level and quality performance of its products. In the past three years, its products have been recognized by customers and peers many times.


Table 3: Performance results related to quality management level


(6) Enterprise technology level

1. Standard formulation and revision

In the process of enterprise development, we attach importance to the construction of product standardization, especially in 2020, with the support of the local government and peers, drafting and compiling the T/ZZB 1762-2020 "Temperature Mixing Valve" Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standard. It has laid a solid foundation and accumulated rich experience in establishing and improving the technological innovation system, exploring system and mechanism innovation, establishing a stable growth mechanism for R&D investment, cultivating and introducing innovative talents, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivating an innovative culture. At present, in order to accelerate scientific and technological innovation and shorten the development cycle, the company actively deploys and establishes R&D laboratories, strives to develop industry-university-research cooperation with universities, integrates high-efficiency and the company's superior resources, and selects the best.

Table 4: Awards


3. Product inspection standards and levels

The company standardizes the enterprise throughout the entire production process, and has formulated relevant standards from the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials, semi-finished products, and finished product inspections. As a result, the entire production process from the raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory to the finished product leaving the factory is under standardized and standardized management, which lays a good foundation for stabilizing product quality and improving corporate management.

Table 5: Performance results related to quality management level


4. Product quality level

Since the establishment of the factory, the company has never had any major quality complaints. In the random inspections conducted by quality and technical departments at all levels over the years, the pass rate has reached 100%.

(7) Enterprise measurement level

The company strictly implements the "Measurement Law of the People's Republic of China" and other documents and regulations, and has established a set of management documents and control methods from raw material procurement, process management, production equipment, inspection equipment, process inspection, and finished product inspection. There are full-time and part-time metering personnel responsible for the company's in-use metering equipment management, equipment, and regular school inspections, focusing on the professional training of metering management personnel, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's standardization of metering management.

In order to ensure product quality, strictly process control in the production process of the product, strengthen the measurement management of the raw and auxiliary materials in the production process, and ensure the normal operation of the measurement equipment and the accuracy of measurement.

Strictly follow the approval plan and management procedures for the procurement, storage and delivery of measuring instruments. The warehouse has a dedicated person to keep the measuring instruments, establish a ledger and registration procedures, and the withdrawal of measuring instruments must pass the verification and have a verification certificate. Put into use; strictly periodic verification of measuring instruments in use, strengthen on-site inspection and supervision, grasp their use, and deal with problems in a timely manner; propose rectification opinions to the problematic departments, take active and effective measures to rectify, and lay a foundation for the production of high-quality products Established a solid measurement foundation.

Table 7: Testing equipment adopted by the company


(8) Certification and accreditation

At present, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality certification enterprise acceptance, and is preparing to carry out the "Made in Zhejiang" brand certification. The company will strictly implement the international quality management system, so that the quality of the company’s products can be effectively guaranteed, so that the company "strives for excellence, pursues excellence, and strives for The quality policy of "perfect" was successfully implemented.

--Management System

Passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS450011 three system certification, the products have reached the advanced level in the industry.

(9) Commitment to product quality

The company provides after-sales service to protect the interests of customers. The company has established a "Customer Complaint Handling Procedure" and set up a 24-hour complaint hotline to answer and handle customer complaints around the clock. The sales department is responsible for each project, and the company promises 1) According to customer needs, use telephone, Internet and other channels to provide customers with technical consultation and technical support in a timely manner. If the customer has objections to the product quality, the manufacturer should deal with it within 24 hours Provide customers with services and solutions in a timely manner; 2) From the date of sale, within 24 months of normal transportation, storage, and use, if there is a product quality problem caused by the manufacturer, the manufacturer should replace it free of charge . If it still cannot be resolved, as a key special case, the company will organize a special force to tackle the problem to ensure that customers are satisfied. For major complaints, organize the company's quality inspection, technology, manufacturing, quality assurance and marketing centers to discuss solutions and improvement measures. Generally, problems can be resolved within a week.

(10) Handling of quality complaints

The company has established and implemented customer complaint handling procedures to ensure timely and effective handling of customer complaints. Customer complaints are handled by full-time personnel. Each complaint form should be closely monitored. According to the difference in the type and degree of customer complaints, it is customer-centric and pays attention to collecting and solving customer feedback, and necessary corrective/preventive measures are taken to prevent Similar problems recurred. Follow up the complaint handling process by telephone return visits to understand customer satisfaction.

At the same time, the company's quality inspection department regularly monitors customer complaint information and establishes an after-sales service department to collect and analyze the recurring problems in the market that affect customer satisfaction and product experience, and form a report. Organize various internal departments to hold product quality meetings on a regular basis. Establish a quality control circle, a cross-departmental product quality improvement team, and at the same time link up with upstream suppliers and related partners to tackle and improve major product quality issues, eliminate quality risks, and improve product quality satisfaction.

(11) Quality risk monitoring

The company formulates regular product production and operation control procedures, and achieves strict control and strict control of every link to ensure that the production of each part meets the relevant requirements and to ensure that the quality of the final product is qualified. The company also uses a three-inspection system, namely self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection, to strictly control product quality. The self-inspection includes the entire production process of the product. The employees conduct self-inspection of the products they produce in accordance with the drawings or requirements, and make a judgment on whether they are qualified and make relevant self-inspection records in the inspection records. The unitized and modular production mode enables exposure and control of key product quality links, thereby ensuring product quality and safety and preventing quality and safety risks.

The company has formulated a quality control system, established the general manager as the top leader, and clarified the quality control system structure and the responsibilities of various related departments.


3. Outlook

     Over the years, we have unswervingly followed the development path of win-win cooperation, carried out all-round and multi-form joint ventures and cooperation with many outstanding partners, learned from cooperation, improved in cooperation, and pursued long-term development and mutual benefit. We believe that through the combination of wisdom and teamwork, we will help us achieve complementary advantages and create a grand blueprint for "national brand, world Xinfan".

A Good Life Starts With Xin!

In the development of more than 20 years, Xinfan's footprint has spread all over Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and other European countries as well as some South American countries. Xinfan has used its strength to break the outside world's doubts about "Made in China" time and time again. Insist on putting product quality in the first place.

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