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Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report

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Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.


social responsibility Report 

Report date: June 2020

1. Introduction to Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Xinfan HVAC Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. was established in September 2001. It is located in the industrial cluster area of Qinggang Town, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang Province, with a registered capital of 20.8 million. Systems and other heating equipment design, development, production and service professional manufacturers; it is also a comprehensive private enterprise with complete design, processing, and testing processes. It is the title sponsor of the 5th Warm Cube Floor Heating Construction Diary Competition.

The company mainly produces Xinfan brand products, including various medium and high-end water collectors, temperature control valves, ball valves, H valves, heating valves, heating accessories, and complete sets of floor heating equipment. The products are sold to countries all over the world, and domestic sales have also achieved great results. They have been well received by users. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, CE certification and other related certifications in the past ten years. In 2012, "Xinfan" was assessed as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise in 2013, and was rated as an advanced unit for energy saving and consumption reduction by the Yuhuan County Government in 2013; it was rated as an advanced unit for energy saving and consumption reduction in 2013, 2015, and 2016 Qinggang Top Ten Enterprises.

After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, Xinfan has become a modern professional factory integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. At the end of 2016, with the completion of the construction area of more than 25,000 square meters in Qinggang Yanye Village, we will continue to uphold the spirit of "one step at a time, the pursuit of endless", and we will continue to move forward steadily on the track of professionalization. , Bringing the best products and services to customers and consumers, we are willing to create a win-win market with our customers.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "Technology leads the future, innovation promotes development", the company continuously discovers and meets domestic and foreign needs to expand the market. Over the years, the company has won widespread trust from customers with high-quality products and good services, and has cultivated a group of A stable customer base has accumulated a good reputation in the industry and laid a good foundation for the company's annual sales performance. At the same time, the company is actively exploring new customers and has achieved certain results.

The company's management team has many years of industry experience, has keen insight and grasp of industry development trends, and has strong planning and execution capabilities to help the company continue to improve its overall operating capabilities. The company has established a relatively sound corporate governance structure and internal control system, which has effectively reduced the impact of abnormal personal factors on the company. In terms of internal business management, the company has established complete management documents, rules and regulations, safety production documents and production instructions. , To ensure that the development of various technological processes have rules to follow, realize the standardized production of the company's products, and continuously improve the quality of the company's products.

The company adheres to the brand culture of "creating wealth, warmth, diligence, innovation, and joy", always attaches importance to product quality management and control, and takes quality as the lifeline of the company. It has formulated a series of operating procedures and product standards, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO14001. System certification such as ISO18001 guarantees the reliable operation of product quality and management. The company continues to introduce internationally advanced production equipment, and its technological level is at the leading level among domestic counterparts. The company’s product quality and quality control are guided by international concepts, and it keeps in touch with equipment manufacturers to ensure the stable operation of equipment. Give full play to the role of advanced equipment and new technology.

"Advocating science and technology, pursuing excellence" company has a dedicated technical department to meet the development and verification of new products and technological innovation, and has established a "municipal high-tech research and development center". Improve and perfect the company's technical and technological level.

The company has set up an after-sales customer service department to be responsible for the after-sales service of products to ensure that customer opinions are effectively and properly handled, further improve customer satisfaction, and effectively eliminate product quality disputes.

The company actively improves the working environment, improves employee benefits, carries out humanistic care activities, "treats every employee well", and fulfills the social responsibility of "making first-class products, cultivating first-class talents, and creating first-class social benefits". All staff "step by step, pursue endless pursuit" and "create outstanding value for customers" work hard.


Second, the company's strategic concept

Xinfan's philosophy includes: enterprise spirit, quality policy, quality motto, business philosophy and social responsibility, etc. The corporate culture system is shown in Table B.1.1-1, and the company's LOGO and connotation are shown in Figure B.2.1-1.

Table B.2.1-1 Company culture system






3. Organizational structure and main products

1. Organization chart



Figure B.3.1-1 Company organization chart

2. Main products

The company mainly produces Xinfan brand products, including various medium and high-end water collectors, temperature control valves, ball valves, H valves, heating valves, heating accessories, and complete sets of floor heating equipment.

4. Economic Responsibility

(1) Strategic direction

(1) Long, medium and short-term main strategic goals

The company will adhere to the corporate spirit of "building peer excellence-goals; pursuing customer satisfaction products-honor", adhere to the corporate philosophy of "dedication and trustworthiness, and pursuit of excellence" to provide customers with satisfactory products and reliable services, and continue to consolidate and improve Leading position in the industry.

The company continues to increase investment in R&D and innovation, strengthen R&D and innovation, and improve product quality; continue to promote high-end manufacturing and continuously consolidate the overall ability to provide high-quality products; implement brand strategies to increase product awareness; establish an ecological supply chain and focus on the health of upstream and downstream supply chains ; Vigorously introduce professional talents to enhance the professionalism of all aspects of the company's operations; integrate resources from all parties and vigorously promote business model innovation and management model innovation.

(2) Strategic development direction and goals

1. Vigorously promote the improvement of all employees and continue to improve operational efficiency

Continue to promote the breadth and depth of all employees' improvement, encourage all employees to implement all-employee improvement proposals in broader and deeper areas, maintain the standardized operation of the continuous improvement mechanism, and form a continuous improvement cultural atmosphere to improve product quality and improve on-site management , Eliminate hidden safety hazards, reduce operating costs, improve labor efficiency, and provide guarantee for the manufacture of cost-effective, high-quality, high-end products.

2. Continue to increase R&D investment and improve product quality

According to the company's strategic plan, continue to improve the company's technological innovation system, strengthen the construction of basic research and development conditions, and establish an information communication mechanism that takes the company's business strategy as the goal and market demand-oriented. Continue to increase R&D investment, rely on the company's innovation team, strengthen market research activities, and actively develop and produce high-quality high-end products based on customer needs.

3. Promote brand strategy and increase product awareness

Relying on new media, trade fairs and other publicity forms to spread the brand, promote the brand, and increase the awareness of the trademark among Chinese and foreign customers. Pay attention to the improvement of market reputation. Establish and improve the after-sales service system, conduct satisfaction surveys with customers on a regular or irregular basis, listen to customer opinions and suggestions, continuously improve and improve service quality, and continuously meet customer needs, so that the popularity of products is getting higher and higher.

4. Consolidate the product foundation and steadily enter the high-end market

Products are the foundation of an enterprise and the foundation for an enterprise to carry out business activities. The company aims at international standards, improves product quality, and achieves optimization and upgrading. This is both the company's goal and the company's task. The company earnestly sums up its years of experience, designs products according to international standards, and formulates processes and operating procedures. The company earnestly learns, absorbs, and transforms advanced technology and operating methods, innovates and upgrades the level of process technology, and does everything possible to make products well.

5. Enhance the service awareness of the industrial chain and strive to achieve win-win cooperation

The supply quality and delivery speed of the company’s upstream suppliers are the basis for the company to provide quality products and services to downstream customers. The company will establish corresponding systems, cultivate corresponding management talents, and help suppliers improve their management and production capabilities. Suppliers make progress together; the company takes "customer achievement" as the only reason for existence, thinks what customers want, does what customers want, increases research on consumer needs, and actively develops and designs products that meet customer expectations.

6. Continue to introduce outstanding talents and increase internal talent training

The company always insists that talents are the cornerstone of the company's sustainable growth, always maintains an open concept of talents, vigorously introduces outstanding talents, and creates favorable conditions to enable them to play their greatest role. Strengthen the guidance of values, encourage employees to base themselves on their jobs, be brave to innovate, and actively improve, and encourage employees to learn independently and make continuous progress. At the same time, increase the training of internal talents to adapt to the company's rapid development and give full play to the active role of old employees.

7. Deepen internal control management and strengthen risk control

Deepen the construction of the internal control system, further strengthen the economic supervision function of internal audit, and continue to promote the integration of risk management into the entire business management process. Strengthen the company's management objectives, improve and optimize the company's management process, and enhance the company's operating effects and efficiency.

(2) Market performance

(1) Market position

The domestic floor heating industry is characterized by huge market space and sufficient competition. As an export company in this industry, the company has always been among the best. The company insists on focusing on customers and the market, understanding and meeting customers' needs and desires in the largest range and fastest speed, and achieving its own development and growth. In order to accurately grasp the market direction, the company determines market segments through a series of steps such as market research, data analysis, preliminary decision-making, verification and adjustment through various information such as products, customers, and markets.

On the basis of the company's gradually covering the national market, the company divides its distributors into different categories based on factors such as the annual distribution shipment quota and team potential.

The company always adheres to the market-oriented principle and regards marketing as the starting point and foothold of the company's production and operation. In terms of marketing, the company focuses on customer construction and large-scale organization construction and development. The company actively maintains its business. In recent years, the international market has been increasing every year. The domestic market has been established in more than ten regions including Beijing, Urumqi, Henan, and Xi'an. A stable market.

Table B.4.2.1-1 Comprehensive classification of customer groups and market segments


(2) Sales ability and performance

  Under the leadership of the company's marketing headquarters, a strong professional sales team was formed to analyze the main needs, expectations and differences of key customer groups.

Table B.4.2.2-1 Main customer groups and their needs and expectations


表B.4.2.2-2 2020年—2021年3年时间企业经营情况


(3) Financial performance

   The financial performance of 2018-2020 is shown in the following figure B.4.3.1-1 ~ figure B.4.3.1-3:



Figure B.4.3.1-1 Business operations in 2018


Figure B.4.3.1-12 Enterprise operations in 2019


Figure B.4.3.1-3 Enterprise operations in 2020

5. Social Responsibility

(1) Integrity and compliance

(2) Quality and safety

The company has established a quality management system under the leadership of the general manager, and has established a quality inspection and management team with sophisticated business, good technology, and strong responsibility. The raw and auxiliary materials must be inspected at the testing center before they are put into the warehouse. Only qualified materials can be put into the warehouse, and the unqualified materials will be resolutely returned; the second is to close the semi-finished products. For each link of production, perform random inspections in each shift, and subject to the opinions put forward by the testing center, the rework of the rework, the refurbishment of the refurbishment. The third is to close the finished product. All products are tested according to national or industry standards, and unqualified products will never be sold out of the warehouse. The company has complete quality inspection equipment and complete inspection methods, and has passed IS09001:2015 quality management system certification.

The product market has a good reputation. The company sincerely solicits customer opinions through various forms such as visiting customers, inviting customers to corporate seminars, and quality tracking. From 2018 to 2020, there have been no complaints or disputes arising from product quality problems. After user opinion survey, domestic and foreign users have unanimously praised the company's product quality assurance.

(3) Employees' rights and interests

The company attaches great importance to protecting the interests of employees and increasing the motivation for civilized construction. "Hardware" social security is fully covered by the company. In 2018, 2019, and 2020, the company paid pension insurance, work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance for employees. At the same time, the company is also very concerned about the health of its employees. In recent years, employees have been organized for health check-ups in hospitals many times, so that employees can be treated early and prevented early, and their health is guaranteed. The employees are very satisfied. Provide protective measures to employees who are exposed to occupational hazards and organize annual occupational health inspections in hospitals. For sick employees or employees on maternity leave, the company committee and labor union leaders will definitely come to visit and give condolences to them and send them a love and warmth. For employees with family difficulties, the company provides great help and support through the "Party Member Care Foundation".

Employees are required to establish self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance, and self-improvement, and build up the outstanding qualities of responsibility, conscience, love, carefulness, and attentiveness, and establish the virtues of loyalty to the country, loyalty to customers, loyalty to the enterprise, and loyalty to the family.

The company’s party committee carries out an activity of pioneering and striving for excellence among party branches and party members every year. While selecting advanced party branches and outstanding Communist Party members, advanced employees are selected among all employees, and employees who have outstanding performance in daily production work will be commended and rewarded. After the appraisal and competition of the initiative to compete for excellence, outstanding employees were selected. In the annual year-end summary meeting to give commendations, issue certificates of honor, and specially arrange outstanding party members and outstanding employees to participate in the company's one-day tour activities.

The company’s senior leaders use WeChat platform, general manager’s mailbox, rationalization suggestions, employee satisfaction surveys, employee seminars and other forms to investigate and understand employee opinions and suggestions to obtain employee satisfaction information. Clear issues are tracked and supervised by the Comprehensive Management Department, and all relevant functional departments are required to deal with them within the specified time. Senior leaders pay attention to understanding the situation on the spot and make positive feedback and handling in a timely manner within the promised time.

(4) Social honor

Table B.5.4.1-1 Company honors in the past five years



6. Environmental Responsibility

The company adheres to the environmental protection policy of "protecting the environment and meeting discharge standards". Through continuous improvement of technology and technology, replacement of environmental protection auxiliary materials, and strengthening of management, the generation of various wastes is reduced, and the discharge of various pollutants is guaranteed; Use efficiency of energy and resources; strengthen environmental protection training to ensure that every employee recognizes the impact of daily work and life behavior on the environment.

The company attaches great importance to environmental impact control, strictly implements relevant national laws and regulations, and has promulgated and implemented the "Environmental Management Regulations", "Environmental and Safety Non-conforming Item Control Procedures", "Environmental Factors Identification and Evaluation Procedures" and other systems and management measures. Developed an energy-saving management system and adopted energy-saving equipment; formulated a resource recycling system to recycle available resources.

In recent years, the company has invested a lot of money in comprehensive renovation of environmental protection facilities, and the operating costs are also high. However, the company insists on environmentally friendly production and meets emission standards. In the past three years, there have been no environmental pollution accidents, all pollution sources have been discharged up to standards stably, various environmental treatment facilities have been operating normally, and there has been no heavy pollution in the production process of the company’s products. For waste water, exhaust gas, solid waste and noise in the production process , The company has adopted appropriate envionmental protection measures, and the impact on the surrounding environment is small.

1. Exhaust gas and its treatment measures

Exhaust gas mainly includes melting fume, core-making exhaust gas, casting exhaust gas, and sand rolling exhaust gas.

1. Melting fume, copper will produce fume during the melting process. Disposal measures: set up a gas hood above the furnace, and collect the molten fume and introduce it into the existing settling chamber and bag dust removal system for treatment, and finally discharge it at high altitude through the exhaust cylinder. In addition, the smelting and casting process is closed and single room treatment, and a negative pressure gas collecting system is installed to collect the exhaust gas that cannot be collected by the gas collecting hood to ensure that the collection efficiency of the smelting exhaust gas meets the requirements.

2. Core-making exhaust gas. The purchased finished phenolic resin coated sand is used as the raw material for the core machine to prepare the sand core. Because the coated sand is heated during the core shooting process and the copper water casting process, the formaldehyde and phenol in the resin are volatilized. Disposal measures: Use a gas hood to collect core-making waste gas, and use new and old core-making workshops for airtight and negative pressure treatment. After the core-making organic waste gas is collected, the existing water spray facilities are used for treatment, and the exhaust gas is exhausted. Drum discharge.

3. Casting waste gas. The coated sand contains a certain amount of phenolic resin. Except for 30% of the organic waste gas such as formaldehyde and phenol volatilized during the core manufacturing process, the rest are all volatilized during the gravity casting process. Disposal measures: The casting waste gas is collected by an induced draft air collecting hood, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust cylinder after treatment with the company's existing water spraying facilities; in addition, the workshop is closed with the old and the new.

4. Sand rolling waste gas, the product will produce sand rolling waste gas during the sand throwing process. Disposal measures: Use fully enclosed sand rolling equipment to prevent the spread of sand and dust. An air collecting hood and a closed workshop are installed directly above the sand rolling machine to supplement the exhaust gas. The collected dust is introduced into the casting exhaust gas water spray device and treated together and discharged through the exhaust cylinder.

two. Wastewater and its treatment measures

Wastewater is mainly spray wastewater, cleaning wastewater and domestic sewage

1. Spray waste water, the flue gas generated in the core making and casting processes are all sprayed with water to remove formaldehyde, phenol, etc. inside. Treatment measures: After the sprinkler wastewater is collected, it is stored in a reservoir, and an organization qualified to treat wastewater is entrusted to transfer and dispose of it, so the discharge amount is zero.

2. Cleaning wastewater. After finishing the production process, the company needs to perform ultrasonic cleaning on the product, mainly to remove the grease and oxide layer attached to the surface of the workpiece, and add anti-oxidant to prevent the outer layer of the water separator from being oxidized again. Treatment measures: After the cleaning wastewater is collected, it is stored in a reservoir, and an organization qualified to treat wastewater is entrusted to transfer and dispose of it, so its discharge volume is zero.

3. Domestic sewage is produced in the office process from the water collected by the initial rainwater and treated by the sedimentation tank and the tap water installed by the Yuhuan Tap Water Co., Ltd. for the enterprise. Disposal measures: After the domestic sewage is pretreated by septic tanks, the discharge concentration of all pollutants meets the management standards of Yuhuan Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd., can be measured into the municipal government water pipe network, and finally discharged by the sewage treatment plant after reaching the standards.

3. Noise and its treatment measures

The noise in the production process is mainly the noise generated by the operation of machinery and equipment. Treatment measures: low-noise equipment is used to reduce noise pollution from the source; shock-absorbing pads are installed at the bottom of the equipment to absorb shock; the equipment is regularly lubricated to avoid high noise due to abnormal operation of the equipment; the overall installation of the induced draft fan of the exhaust gas treatment facility Sound insulation cover, with a sound insulation cover on the periphery, a shock-absorbing pad at the bottom, and rubber soft joints at the inlet and outlet; all equipment is placed in the factory building, making full use of the sound insulation effects of walls, doors and windows, and strengthening greening,

4. Solid waste and its treatment measures

   The solid waste is mainly slag from melting casting furnace, waste sand, copper waste, copper slag, waste packaging materials, waste cutting fluid oil, and domestic garbage

   Casting slag, waste sand, copper waste, copper slag, dust collection dust, waste packaging materials, and waste cutting fluid are all produced by the company in the production process, and domestic waste is produced by the company in the office process. Disposal measures: copper slag and waste packaging materials are sold externally for the comprehensive utilization of waste material recycling companies; melting casting slag, waste sand, and waste cutting fluid oil are entrusted to a qualified unit for unified disposal; copper waste can be remelted and reused after collection; domestic waste is collected The local environmental protection department uniformly clears, transports, and disposes of landfills.

Seven, ethical behavior

The company is honest and trustworthy in its production and operation activities, and has won wide acclaim from customers, suppliers, environmental protection, safety supervision, quality supervision, industry and commerce, taxation and other aspects.

8. Public welfare support

 The company enthusiastically supports public welfare undertakings and strives to create a "three-win" situation for the country, enterprises, and employees. Over the years, it has made due contributions to the country and society, and has shown a sense of social responsibility for continuous pursuit of outstanding performance, which has been fully affirmed by all sectors of society And highly praised.

Table B.8.1-1 Support for Key Public Welfare Fields


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