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collect! A full list of 490 specialized and new digital intelligence companies: What do the "little giant" companies say?


In July 2011, the "Report on China's Industrial Development and Industrial Policy (2011)" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, my country will promote mergers and reorganizations and promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The next policy focus for promoting the healthy development of SMEs is to improve the external environment for the development of SMEs, accelerate the construction of the SME service system, establish a long-term mechanism for SMEs to reduce burdens, and vigorously promote the development of SMEs in the direction of "specialization, specialization and newness". That is, "specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty". This is also the first time that "specialization, special newness" has appeared in our field of vision.

Since then, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued guidelines on promoting the development of “specialized, specialized, new, and innovative” SMEs in 2013. In 2018, it proposed to carry out the cultivation of specialized, specialized, new, and “little giants”...

It is not until today, ten years later, that "specialization, specialization, and novelty" has really become popular. This is the best proof that several “specialized, special and new” concept stocks, such as the leader in photovoltaic modules, Zhonghuan, the leader in semiconductor wafers, and Jinbo, the leader in carbon-based composites, have reached record highs.

As of September this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced the list of three batches of specialized and new "little giant" companies, with a total of 4,762 companies on the list. So, among the 4762 specialized and new "little giant" companies, which digital intelligence companies are there? After being selected, what benefits and support will the company get? How should the unselected companies adjust their declarations? At the same time, after ten years, what is the status quo of the development of "specialization, specialization and newness"? How will it develop in the future...

With various questions, Chinasoft.com interviewed Ali, Inspur, UFIDA, Bingjian Technology, Uisee Technology, Daguan Data, Ming Dynasty Wanda, Easy Point Cloud, Jutongda, Xinfan HVAC, Minglue Technology, and Daoyi. Yun, Mingtu Technology, Nightingale Technology, ClickPaaS and other companies and industry experts, among which the interviewed companies include selected specialization and new "little giant" companies, applying or about to apply for specialization and new "little giant" companies, and There are three types of service providers on the digital intelligence platform, trying to sort out the "little giant" enterprises that specialize in digital intelligence, specialize and new, and answer all kinds of questions about "specialized, special and new".

490 specialized and new "little giant" digital intelligence enterprises

Among the specialized and special new enterprises, the "little giant" enterprise refers to the outstanding one among the specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises. The pioneer enterprise.

From 2019 to 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has successively announced three batches of 4,762 specialized and new "little giant" companies, the first batch of 248, the second batch of 1,584, and the third batch of 2930. Among them are 5 batches of 596 individual champion enterprises, which have led to the cultivation of more than 40,000 provincial-level "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of July this year, "little giant" companies have an average of more than 50 valid patents, more than 70% of them have been deeply involved in the subdivision industry for more than 10 years, and more than 80% are ranked first in the province's subdivision market, with main business income accounting for all operating income. The proportion of over 97%.

According to incomplete statistics from Chinasoft.com, among the 4,762 "little giant" companies, there are 490 digital intelligence companies involved in many fields such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, information communication, Internet of Things, smart cities, etc.

From the perspective of geographical distribution, Shanghai has 262 specialized and new “little giant” enterprises, accounting for 5.5% of the total, ranking first among all cities in the country. Beijing has 257 "little giant" enterprises, ranking second in the country. Among the 490 digital intelligence companies, the number of digital intelligence companies in first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen is also far ahead of other cities. The "little giant" digital intelligence enterprises in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces far surpass the Northeast and Northwest provinces.

Taking Beijing and Shanghai as examples, the total scale of Beijing's specialized and special new enterprises has shown a sustained and rapid growth, especially the specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises, where over 50% of R&D accounts for more than 10%, and over 60% of them are profitable. Ten million, nearly 70% of the operating income exceeds 100 million yuan, nearly 70% of the core technology fills the gap in international and domestic, and over 80% ranks first in the national market segment.

In Shanghai, from the perspective of operational monitoring, the growth rate of output, revenue, and profit of “specialized, specialized, new” enterprises has exceeded the average level of the city in Shanghai. Among them, “specialized, special-new” enterprises have sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan, and the market share ranks among the top three companies in the country, accounting for 603 companies, accounting for 20%. Family.

Haibi Research Institute believes that from the current development situation, for most specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises, deliberate pursuit of "bigger and stronger" is not advisable. Instead, we should dig deeper into subdivisions and focus on the main business. Working hard and strengthening innovation are also the general direction for the development of specialized and new enterprises. Under the guidance of policies, large enterprises and scientific research institutes are encouraged to strengthen their interaction with small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in special new development, so as to create better development space for special new enterprises.

The following is a list of 490 specialized and new "little giant" digital intelligence companies based on statistics from Chinasoft.com:









7 "little giant" companies show up

In terms of different industries, the specific focus and performance of specialized and new enterprises are different. Therefore, Chinasoft.com visited seven specialized and new "little giant" companies in order to make a statement. The seven specialized and new "little giant" enterprises are: Jutongda, Ming Dynasty Wanda, Uisee Technology, Yidianyun, Bingjian Technology, Daguan Data,Xinfan HVAC.

With regard to the understanding of "specialization, specialization and novelty", the seven "little giant" companies all emphasized their ability to innovate. As a "little giant", companies need to focus more on core areas, market segments, key technical capabilities, and specialized products and services. Innovation is the ‘background’. Specialization, specialization, and innovation are essentially guiding the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of innovation.

Take Uisee Technology as an example. Since its establishment, the company has insisted on full-stack independent research and development to deliver full-scenario, truly unmanned, all-weather "AI drivers" for the industry, creating a unique evolutionary development path for autonomous driving, and emphasizing that technology must be integrated into the industry Carrying out systemic innovation to form value traction, has led the development of the industry in aviation logistics and real economy manufacturing unmanned logistics, and has become the first to deploy multi-scenario combined autonomous driving and has the largest number of benchmark customers in the real economy. A number of unmanned first commercial applications, mastered autonomous driving core technologies including vehicle intelligent driving domain controllers, core algorithms, and cloud management service platforms, and developed and accumulated a large number of proprietary technical know-how in commercial applications of real operating scenarios And specific algorithms.

Ming Dynasty Wanda has been established for 16 years and has always focused on the field of data security. It has provided data security products, technologies and services to more than 3,000 governments, enterprises and institutions. It has also formally focused and accumulated for many years, which has made Ming Dynasty Wanda today Leadership in the field of data security. Ming Dynasty Wanda led the development direction of the domestic data security field. For example, it pioneered the application of artificial intelligence technology to the field of data security and won the first prize of Wu Wenjun's artificial intelligence technology progress. Ming Dynasty Wanda has applied for nearly 400 invention patents, obtained more than 150 authorized invention patents, and undertook more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological projects. Concentration and innovation run through the entire development process of Ming Dynasty Wanda.

In the past six years, Bingjian Technology has grown into a leading enterprise in the field of risk control, combining deep learning, knowledge graphs, natural language processing, federal learning and other cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to provide financial institutions with risk control for the entire process of credit The solution helps financial institutions to strengthen their risk control capabilities, effectively improve the risk control efficiency of financial institutions, and reduce risk control costs, effectively making up for the shortcomings of financial institutions in risk control. Up to now, Bingjian Technology has mastered independent intellectual property rights or advanced knowledge, R&D investment accounts for more than 30% of operating income, and has more than 150 national authorized invention patents and software copyrights.

Jutongda actively responds to the requirements of "specialized, special and new" enterprises, keeps up with the latest cutting-edge technologies of the times, actively changes its thinking, and innovates sales models, and hereby proposes the new channel of "SaaS+" for Waiwei internal exhibition, that is, to maintain the traditional SaaS concept outside the ring. , Break the inherent concept inward, and bring customers the super convenience of customized development + marketing service + communication service through SaaS products, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase and free expansion of system functions. With “SaaS+” as the guiding ideology, Jutongda has created an architecture system of “one platform + X standardized services + N customized services” to provide enterprises with a variety of business capabilities required for the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and help enterprises form self-contained There is a data warehouse to build an enterprise's own private domain ecosystem.


Founded in 2015, Easy Point Cloud is a more popular office IT infrastructure service provider in China. It continues to innovate and make breakthroughs in the industry, providing enterprises with a series of office IT infrastructure services such as office hardware, hardware services, and Office IT services. . From the early enterprise IT leasing and management services to the office computing power that is now positioned as the enterprise IT computing power, through the "office cloud" method to provide customers with trusted office IT infrastructure, EasyDianyun innovatively embarked on the office cloud Road of exploration.

As an innovative enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence text processing in China, Daguan Data focuses on providing enterprises with text processing and intelligent office robot solutions. Daguan focuses on the field of natural language processing and has strong technical strength. After 5 years of accumulation, it has 200 billion corpora of different industries, adapts to multi-industry text processing, has more than 100 national invention patents, and relies on excellent technology as early as 18 years. Strength was awarded the "Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Award", China's highest artificial intelligence award, and was the only company selected in Shanghai that year. At the same time, Daguan has mature products and rich experience in landing, and has served more than 100 Fortune 500 companies.

Xinfan HVAC was established in 1998 and has 59 national patents. The global logistics docking rate is as high as 80%. As early as 2001, the "Xinfan" brand was established and obtained the first appearance patent of China's water separator. Xinfan conducts product design by introducing internationally advanced Pro/ENGINEER professional design software; uses high-efficiency precision processing machine tools; establishes a strict and complete product management system, obtains an ISO quality management system, creates a complete and strict testing mechanism, and obtains CE, ROSH, etc. International certification system. Adhering to the core spirit of "one step at a time, the pursuit of endless", Xinfan Technology continues to break through restrictive factors and make breakthroughs in China.

Then, after being selected for the specialization, special innovation, what changes have been made to the development of the enterprise's ‘specialization, special innovation’?

The seven "little giant" companies all stated that they received more attention and help from relevant government departments after being selected as the "little giant", including financial subsidies, policy communication, brand promotion, and talent introduction. In addition, in recent years, the management agencies of small and medium-sized enterprises in various provinces have also actively investigated the development needs of specialized special new enterprises, in terms of talents, financing, business management, policy subsidies, etc., such as special fiscal funds, tax incentives, and corporate intellectual property rights. Protection, technical innovation support, market development support, etc. Tailor-made support policies for enterprises, comprehensive and diversified support for the development of specialized, special and new enterprises, and the content of specialized, special and new policies is also getting higher and higher.

However, it is also worth noting that during the implementation of the policy, some aspects worthy of optimization began to appear.

Yidianyun, Ming Dynasty Wanda, Uisee Technology, Jutongda, and Xinfan HVAC have all stated that there are currently some supporting policies for specialization and innovation, but relatively few systems have been implemented, and there are few supporting policies. For example, support for taxation, financing, policy support for the settlement of fresh graduates, office land and housing needs to be strengthened. Ming Dynasty Wanda also mentioned that, taking Beijing as an example, the municipal level attaches great importance to specialization and innovation, but there is still no service and connection at the district level.

Jutongda said that after the new crown epidemic, the first batch of "specialized, special-new" small and medium-sized enterprises focused on market segments, had strong anti-risk capabilities, and played an active demonstrative role. However, in view of the fact that there is a certain foundation for promoting the development of "specialized, special and new" enterprises, relevant policies and measures are not precise and direct enough, and the linkage between upper and lower work is not close enough. Many recognized enterprises still have problems such as insufficient innovation cooperation and limited industrial supporting capabilities. . In addition, the current "specialization, special innovation" policy has a relatively small amount of fiscal rewards and subsidies, which has a relatively limited impact on the total economic volume, and it is difficult to directly affect economic growth and the rhythm of macroeconomic policies in the short term.

Daguan Data pointed out that there is a certain working foundation for promoting the development of “specialization, specialization and innovation” of small and medium-sized enterprises, but the policy measures are not precise and direct enough, the linkage between upper and lower work is not close enough, and the recognized enterprises have insufficient innovation cooperation and limited industrial supporting capabilities, etc. The problem is that, through the guidance of central financial funds, local governments must further promote the cultivation of “specialized, special, new” small and medium-sized enterprises. It is also possible to establish policies to strengthen cooperation in the small giant enterprise industrial chain.

At the same time, giving full play to the advantages and value of the industry's “leading sheep” is becoming an important criterion for testing the future development of specialized and new enterprises.

E-Dianyun believes that companies need to persist in innovation, dig deep into subdivisions, break through "stuck neck" technology, and lead industrial upgrading.

Jutongda stated that to play to the advantages and value of the "leading sheep", we can start with four advantages, lead the industry to progress together, and become an industry benchmark: focus on the industrial "four bases" field and the ten key industrial areas of the manufacturing power strategy, and deepen the subdivision. Market, create differentiated competitive advantages; increase innovation, use the form of industry-university-research cooperation to strengthen technological breakthroughs, increase specialized production capacity and product premium space; provide parts, components, and supporting facilities for large enterprises, large projects and industrial chains Products and supporting services complement the shortcomings of my country’s industrial supply chain and let small parts play a major role; through the implementation of systems such as the integration of industrialization and industrialization, a sophisticated and efficient management system and process are established within the enterprise to achieve greater procurement, production and delivery. Scientific and more efficient full-process refined management.

Ming Dynasty Wanda will continue to focus on the field of data security and strengthen innovation, not only to protect data security in existing mainstream scenarios, but also to protect data security in various new scenarios and new formats, in order to generate new production elements of "data" Contribute to greater social value.

Uisee Technology stated that in the future, it will continue to strengthen collaborative innovation with leading chain owners. On the long-distance running track of autonomous driving, it will do a good job in the “four specialties” of focus, professionalism, specialization, and experts, and forge a long board in subdivision fields. Advantages, cultivate core competitiveness, do a good job in the international and domestic industry chain competition, and do a good job of defending and blocking position, and gradually grow into a "single champion" mastering unique skills. In the future, it will become a single champion enterprise in the subdivided field and the goal of a domestic invisible champion enterprise. Move forward.


Daguan Data emphasized that in view of the complex business environment at home and abroad, companies need to maintain their core competitiveness amidst uncertainties and cope with future challenges. Daguan Data will continue to adhere to the professional development strategy, focus on the field of text intelligence, focus on innovation, adhere to self-research and domestic production, and provide core independent products for the development of my country's industry; continue to strengthen R&D investment, find in-depth cooperation methods between industry, university and research, and maintain continuous innovation capabilities. Continuously optimize in R&D and design, marketing, internal management, etc., strengthen commercial product capabilities, and find effective ways for the company to grow steadily; focus on long-term corporate development strategies, focus on talent team building, and strive to become the first manpower listed in the field of text intelligence Smart enterprises; strengthen channel cooperation, connect upstream and downstream industries, focus on creating an innovative ecosystem in the field of text intelligence, and continue to contribute to the healthy and stable development of the industry.

Bingjian Technology said that, as a small giant enterprise with specialization and new technology, it should maintain a sense of danger and be prepared for danger while seizing opportunities. Even if it wins this honor, Bingjian Technology is still facing various challenges from inside and outside the company. Companies should adjust their organizational structure and management systems based on actual conditions, actively respond to the country's call, and adjust their corporate positioning and business segments in keeping with the pace of policies.

In the future, Bingjian Technology will actively participate in the formulation of industry standards and technical seminars, and contribute its own strength to industry development, technological innovation and application.

Xinfan HVAC said that specializing and new "little giant" enterprises must bravely rise to the forefront and have a long-lasting foundation; they must "overwhelm the world" in the country and "stand up in the world". This is the hope of many companies and the only way for the rise of various industries in China under the global digital wave. In the journey of climbing high and looking far, and benchmarking internationally, development opportunities are actually hidden in the "surging" market. At this stage, with the enhancement of technological drive and the increasing pursuit of individuality in consumption, market demand has shown diversified characteristics, providing a broad space for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Grasp the pulse of the market, open up an international perspective, and achieve sustainable development. Xinfan HVAC uses leading process design, manufacturing quality, independent innovation and development planning to create a comfortable and livable experience, improve people's quality of life, and continuously innovate and make breakthroughs to provide professional, reliable, green and energy-saving for every family and project in the world s solution.

Six Major Issues Concerned about Applying for Specialized Special New Enterprises

Whether it is to influence policy calls or promote their own development, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will hope to be selected into the list of specializing and new "little giant" enterprises in the future. Chinasoft.com has sorted out the six major issues that enterprises pay attention to when applying for specialization and special innovation:

① What kind of company is easier to be selected?

Naturally, companies with "specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty" are more likely to be included in the list. For example, Ming Dynasty Wanda stated that its core advantage is focus and innovation; the same is true for Uisee Technology, which has been deeply involved in the high-level autonomous driving market segment for many years, focusing on the commercial application of autonomous driving in multiple scenarios, and it has realized the commercialization of autonomous driving from 0 The leap to 1, completed the large-scale delivery operation from 1 to 1000; Daguan Data believes that specialization and special innovation require companies to focus on vertical segmentation, master key core technologies, and win more market share; Nightingale Technology believes that companies must Focus on market segmentation, with distinctive professional technology and innovation capabilities.

② What are the precautions during the application process?

As a "little giant" enterprise that has been selected for specialization and specialization, Yidianyun, Uisee Technology, Ming Dynasty Wanda, Bingjian Technology, and Daguan Data have given thoughtful Tips. E-Dianyun stated that it must fully express its own business features and values of "specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty".

Uisee Technology believes that companies that are preparing to apply for specialization and new "little giants" must grasp the policy direction, hone their own advantages around the four aspects of "specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty", and continue to build enterprises. The core competitiveness of the company, deep cultivating market segments, forging its own "unique skills", has a certain right to speak in the industry chain. The most important point of cultivating "specialization, specialization and novelty" is to focus, not to be big and diversified, but to focus limited resources in a subdivision field.

Focusing on the sub-fields that the company is good at, continuing to innovate and serving the market, this is also the suggestion given by Ming Dynasty Wanda.

Bingjian Technology recommends: Other applicants should lay a solid foundation, make long-term plans for the development of the enterprise, and adjust the development direction of the enterprise by paying attention to the identification standards of the specialization, special and new "little giant". It is of great help whether it is for applying for the award or for guiding the development of the enterprise.

Daguan data suggestion: First of all, "little giant" enterprises must have a certain performance foundation and good development potential, and enterprises must pay attention to the process of their own technology productization and marketization. The country focuses on cultivating specialized, refined, special, and new small enterprises whose value is in the early stages of growth. Such enterprises may also become "giants" in the industry. If you want to become a small giant with specialization and new technology, you must focus on the development of market segments, have strong innovation capabilities, strive to achieve a high market share, master key core technologies, pay attention to service quality, and further enhance your own development potential and anti-risk ability .

③ What kind of discounts and support will you get after you are selected as a special new enterprise?

Uisee Technology admitted frankly that it has become a national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, and the company has received extensive attention from governments at all levels. For example, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance have arranged special awards and supplementary funds to support more than 1,000 national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprises to increase their investment in innovation.

As a representative of Beijing’s specialization, special new and outstanding enterprises, the company was invited by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology to participate in the 17th China International Small and Medium-sized Special events such as investment and financing, corporate roadshows, technology docking and so on for "specialized, sophisticated, and new" companies.

Ming Dynasty Wanda also revealed that after becoming a national-level professional, special new "little giant", the company has received more attention and help from relevant departments of the Beijing Municipal Government, including funding, policy communication, brand promotion, and talent introduction. .

Bingjian Technology stated that it is located in Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and has a first-class business environment. The government is very concerned about Bingjian Technology, and Bingjian Technology can always be informed of various policies in the first time.

Daguan Data said: Specialization, special new honors have allowed us to get more attention, and all major summits and media are discussing this topic for a while. We also continue to gain more attention and get the attention and communication of capital, media, customers and other groups.

Xinfan HVAC claimed that after being selected as the "Little Giant", it has received key support in terms of policy support such as technical services, innovation drive, transformation and upgrading, and special training. At the same time, it also received policy help: the focus is on the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises, which is "one enterprise, one policy" to provide assistance, such as special financial funds, tax incentives, enterprise intellectual property protection, technological innovation support, and market development support.

④ In addition to the rigid requirements, what other adjustments does the company need to make?

Jutongda suggests that companies planning to apply for specialization and new “little giants” need to make adjustments and efforts in three aspects, including adhering to a professional development strategy: long-term focus and deep cultivation in a certain link or product of the industrial chain can help Large enterprises and large projects provide key parts, components and supporting products as well as professionally produced complete sets of products; the leading products of enterprises have a relatively high market share in the domestic sub-industries.

Possess continuous innovation ability: continuous innovation in R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, internal management, etc., and has achieved relatively significant benefits, and has a certain demonstration and promotion value.

Standardized management, good reputation, strong sense of social responsibility: domestically leading production technology, process and product quality performance, with good brand influence; the company attaches importance to and implements long-term development strategies, attaches importance to the construction of talent teams, and the core team has a good professional background and With strong production and operation capabilities, it has the potential to develop into an international leader in related fields.

E-Dianyun also gave three suggestions: one is to persist in innovation and build strong technical capabilities; the other is technology and business to play a certain industrial value and social value; the third is to do a good job in the subdivision of The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises provide higher-level and higher-quality services.

Bingjian Technology recommends that companies adjust their organizational structure and management systems based on actual conditions, actively respond to the call of the country, and adjust their corporate positioning and business sectors in accordance with the pace of policies.

Mingtu Technology recommends that companies applying for specialization and new technologies should strengthen their strategic development strategies, actively establish and improve information resource integration mechanisms and information sharing mechanisms, strengthen scientific research cooperation, share research and development platforms, and pay attention to their own "professional" and "precise". Whether "special" and "new" meet the policy requirements.

Proposals for the development of specialized and new enterprises

It cannot be ignored that the current development of specialized, special-new SMEs is also facing growth problems. In this regard, the interviewed companies have put forward relevant suggestions on current policies, development opportunities and challenges, and future cooperation.

Suggestions for specialization and special new policies

The policy of “specialization, special innovation” started in 2011 in the “Twelfth Five-Year” five-year growth plan for SMEs. As an important way for SMEs to transform and upgrade, it belongs to the industrial policy of some economic sectors. With the continuous rise of the specialization and new policy positioning, it has become a key part of the national modernization strategy. The “little giant” cultivation plan started in 2018, mainly to select pioneering companies and play a leading role. The policy also focuses on auxiliary support. According to the latest plan, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, a total of 10,000 specialized and new "little giant" enterprises will be cultivated. In terms of policy support, precise services such as financing and innovation have also been added, and the cultivation efforts have been continuously increased.

Although governments at all levels have successively introduced a series of support policies in recent years, they still need to continue to be optimized in terms of pertinence and effectiveness. A number of interviewed companies said that the current implementation of some policies is not precise and direct, and the linkage between upper and lower work is not close enough. Many recognized companies still have problems such as insufficient innovation and collaboration and limited industrial supporting capabilities.

Alibaba suggests that policy design can be continuously optimized to ensure precise policy implementation. Accelerate the establishment and improvement of the production and operation monitoring mechanism of small and medium-sized enterprises, select key industries and key node enterprises, form an industrial chain map, and use digital infrastructure such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things to build an instant feedback mechanism to address problems and policies encountered in the development of enterprises Help to resolve the appeals and form an effective monitoring, feedback and assistance mechanism. At the same time, it can also tailor fiscal and tax preferential policies for "specialized, special-new" small and medium-sized enterprises, set up "specialized, special-new" special projects, introduce digital industry finance, and guide the formation of a more accurate and effective corporate capital decompression mechanism. In addition, establish a high-level talent docking platform for small and medium-sized enterprises by industry and region to support the supply of scientific research personnel and meet the innovation needs of enterprises.

The core essence of a specialized and new enterprise is to promote "innovation", and innovation is inseparable from capital, technology and talents. The current policy has clear financial support policies and declaration channels, but there is still a lack of guiding routes and supporting service institutions and facilities in terms of technical routes and talent training.


UFIDA believes that in terms of technical services, it is necessary to investigate and publish a list of technical and information service organizations and service providers as soon as possible, and formulate relatively standard service application procedures and build application platforms, and publish them on platforms such as government service official websites. In terms of talent training and transportation, with the help of universities and enterprises to run schools, vocational training channels have been opened substantially, and certain fee subsidies have been given to enterprises.

Daoyiyun stated that it is necessary to formulate specialization, special new development strategies and technology development roadmaps, attach importance to technical standards and technical specifications, combine policies and market forces to optimize the allocation of financial resources, and support specialization, special new enterprises to participate in the third board market and other multi-level Regional capital market.

Minglue Technology mentioned that many fast-growing outstanding companies cannot meet the standards of small, medium and micro enterprises, and because these companies are developing rapidly, they also need the assistance of specialization and new related policies. Therefore, it is recommended to relax the company's declaration requirements as appropriate.

As one of the “little giants” of specializing and new enterprises, Jutongda believes that in order to further promote the cultivation of specializing and new enterprises, it is necessary to improve the level of professional production, improve the ability of boutique manufacturing, enhance the ability of characteristic development, and enhance the ability of continuous innovation. Make efforts in four major areas.

Uisee Technology proposes to focus on increasing the training time for small giants of existing specialized and new enterprises, expand the scale of cultivation, and provide supporting policy support. Provide specialized and new enterprises to build an industrial chain support system, and encourage leading chain main enterprises and specialized and new enterprises to form innovative consortia. At the same time, attract technology companies to achieve cross-border integration of different industries to form new results through edge innovation, and drive the collaborative innovation and independent research and development technology breakthroughs of the entire industry chain. In addition, for cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and unmanned driving, it is possible to consider encouraging the government to purchase certain new technological achievements as public services, and issue service vouchers to enterprises with application needs, including many small and medium-sized enterprises, to encourage trying new technology applications , To promote the deep integration and innovation of cutting-edge technology and the real economy.

In addition, Yidianyun, Xinfan HVAC, Daguan Data, Ming Dynasty Wanda, Nightingale Technology, and Mingtu Technology stated that currently there are relatively few specialization and new supporting policies, and it is recommended to consider taxation, talent introduction, financing, etc. Specialized and special new enterprises have more policy incentives, and formulate cultivation plans and assistance measures.

Suggestions on development opportunities and challenges

Nowadays, specialized, special new small and medium-sized enterprises have ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Whether it is on the supply side or the demand side, specialized, special new SMEs have excellent room for growth. Superimposed with the promotion of policies, specialized special new SMEs are already standing on top of the trend. However, how to carry out the specialization and innovation to the end has also become a proposition that these outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises need to continue to think about.

Ali said that the development opportunities for the development of specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises are mainly manifested in the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises to apply new technologies such as cloud computing and big data to vigorously develop specialized production, and actively integrate the technologies and products of large enterprises based on digital infrastructure. A system that complements collaboration, forms a reasonable market division with large enterprises, and enhances the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to resist risks; uses the concept of data business to accelerate the innovation of business and business models, and quickly expand their own development space. The current challenge is mainly that the current capabilities of SMEs are uneven, the overall quality still needs to be improved, the industrial organization structure is unreasonable, and the development vitality of SMEs needs to be further enhanced.

UFIDA believes that the opportunities for specializing and new enterprises are obvious. In addition to traditional high-tech enterprises, "specialized, special-new" SMEs have become the leader of SMEs and will be more favored by the policy level. The cultivation and support of "specialized, special-new" related enterprises has become a national As for the strategic tasks designated by the senior management, all localities will also use specialized and special new enterprises as the main support for listed backup enterprises and key business expansion targets for financial institutions. At the same time, the biggest challenge is how to use the company's own strength, forward-looking strategies and advance the optimization of the industrial environment to rank among the "specialized, special and innovative" ranks and continue to lead in the sub-industry. In addition, these companies are also facing some external environmental requirements and challenges, such as the continuous declaration and promotion of intellectual property rights, the green environmental protection of products and technologies, the symmetry of supply and demand in the financing environment, and the unfairness of the market access environment.

For Nightingale Technology, under the support of policies, it will focus more on the upgrade of specialized products, and promote the company's digital intelligent management to more industries. However, various industries are also facing some new situations and problems, such as high customer acquisition costs and serious customer loss. This requires companies to continuously improve their innovation capabilities and ensure the quality and efficiency of their products. Form its own value in the chain of production and social operation of talents, focus, survival, and innovation.

Dao Yiyun said frankly that as the technological revolution continues to deepen, small, medium and micro enterprises have ushered in opportunities for in-depth development. Whether it can keep pace with the times and upgrade and speed up is the biggest test for private enterprises themselves. Whether it is the dilemma of talents, capital flow, etc., it is a big problem for enterprise innovation. Daoyiyun believes that, in this context, enterprises must do a good job in digital transformation, make enterprise operation management efficient and agile, better support business upgrade deployment, and enhance enterprise flexibility and refinement to cope with the ever-changing era. As a new generation of collaborative OA service provider, Daoyiyun is also constantly exploring ways of enterprise digital transformation.

The low-code development platform ClickPaaS made recommendations from the perspective of the entire software industry. ClickPaaS said that in the past, high-end manufacturing enterprises were the main focus of specialization and new enterprises, but in the future, more and more software companies will enter the ranks of specialization and newness. ClickPaaS recommends that in the process of cultivating and becoming a specialized and new enterprise with continuous development, policy guidance needs to solve the problem of which priority is higher in scale and quality, supplemented by the fast lane of capitalization and exit paths, which will inspire more Of enterprises are on the new path of specialization and specialization.

From the perspective of the company itself, Minglue Technology believes that only by leveraging its technological advantages, building competitive barriers around specific fields of technology, and through technical expertise, can it be invincible. But if you want to be specialized, you need to get more opportunities to create projects with customers. Take Minglue Technology as an example. In recent years, it has accumulated the world's leading domain knowledge map full-stack technology to provide big data and AI solutions for security, industry, finance and other fields. In the financial field, Minglue Technology helped China Everbright Bank to build the first bank-wide knowledge graph database in China. Minglue helped Shanghai Metro realize an intelligent platform for data management of the entire life cycle of rail transit vehicles.

Mingtu Technology believes that in-depth research and development have strong specificity and obvious professional characteristics, and products with professional development advantages in market segments can be competitive in promoting social and economic benefits and leading the development of the industry. How to strengthen the innovation capabilities of enterprises, how to gather service resources, and give full play to the role of the service system has become an urgent problem to be solved.

Suggestions for future cooperation

Market development is constantly changing. Specialized and new enterprises need to strengthen cooperation in the process of continuous innovation, and achieve personalized and differentiated development.

In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate, develop and operate better, Alibaba has gradually built a digital infrastructure that serves the entire society, allowing tens of millions of “specialized, special-new” small and medium-sized enterprises from different industries to learn from the digital economy. Benefit from the development dividend. At present, Ali has cooperated with many "little giant" enterprises. In the future, we look forward to cooperating with more specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises. The direction of cooperation is mainly based on Alibaba's business operating system and digital means, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises to realize data intelligence and network collaboration capabilities, and provide for the sound development of specialized and new-type enterprises. Lasting power.

Inspur stated that the “little giant” enterprise specializing in special new development is the “white horse” among the growth-oriented enterprises. In order to support the development of specializing special new enterprises, Inspur inSuite has introduced corresponding cooperation models, service forms, and charging standards. Preferential measures, such as donating software usage rights, opening low-code platforms, free subscription services, etc. Inspur also looks forward to cooperating with more specialized and new enterprises to jointly promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

As an important branch of UFIDA’s growth enterprise customer group, UFIDA claims that specialization and special new enterprises, UFIDA has a dedicated BG to serve this type of customer group. Among the current “little giant” enterprises specializing in special new development, nearly 20% of the enterprises are already UFIDA service and cooperation enterprises. UFIDA hopes that in the future, through professional digital and intelligent solutions and service capabilities, more "little giants" can be formed, and cooperation will be carried out in the continuous upgrading of the digital and intelligent management platform focusing on enterprises.


Different from platform service providers, for most "specialized, special-new" SMEs, hard training is one of the growth directions of these companies. In the future, industrial digitization will be the main direction to start a new round of growth in the digital economy, and we will do a good job of high-quality development and expansion of new space.

In this context, Judatong believes that the company itself must establish a new overall framework for specialization and specialization, and realize independent control of key technologies through the application of digital transformation.

In the direction of future cooperation, many "little giant" companies such as Uisee Technology, Daguan Data, and Xinfan HVAC have expressed their hope to strengthen collaborative innovation with leading chain main companies in the future, and create an innovation ecosystem in subdivisions. Promote the stable development of the industry.

In addition, Nightingale Technology, Mingtu Technology, etc. are also looking forward to strengthening the in-depth cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry, establishing an industrial ecosystem of collaborative innovation, and enhancing communication with major friends and businessmen to jointly promote the development of the industry.

In the future, under the foreseeable development trend of technological and industrial reforms, more specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises will surely emerge, providing specialized, refined, characteristic, and innovative services for their subdivisions for a long time. His own path of "specialization, specialization, and newness" has grown from today's "little giant" to tomorrow's "big champion".

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