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  • [Frequently asked questions] Where is the most appropriate installation of the floor heating water separator?


    The floor heating water divider is composed of two parts, the water divider and the water collection, collectively called the floor heating water divider. The water divider is a water distribution device used to connect the water supply pipes of various heating pipes in the water system. The water collector is a water collection device used to connect the return pipes of various heating pipes in the water system. The main accessories of the floor heating water separator are water separator, water collector, inner joint head, filter, lock valve, articulated head, valve, exhaust valve, heat meter. Multiple locations can be selected. In fact, there are many locations for the water separator to be installed, as long as the design is reasonable. For example, it can be designed to the bathroom, which has a waterproof layer. , Will not harm the innocent. Secondly, the water divider can also be installed outdoors, so the purpose of installation is mainly to facilitate later maintenance and rep


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